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Hello!  Thanks for visiting our RTW travel blog!   Paul and I thought it’d be fun to have a page to keep track of some of our stats and funny moments.

Countries visited:  24 (visit our ‘Where We Are Going‘ page to see where we’ve been)

Total Distance Travelled: 104,000+ miles (not including some domestic travelling within countries ie: from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min in Vietnam)

Number of Flights: 44

Number of long distance Trains: 14

Number of long distance Buses: 35

Number of long distance ferries: 3

Number of missed flights/trains/buses: 1

Number of rainy days:  Less than 40

Items lost (Paul):  underwear x 2, sunglasses x 5, bottle of campsuds x 1

Items lost (Sophia): Hat x 1, T-shirt x 1, underwear x 3, towel x 1, socks x 1 pair

Most exotic food eaten (Paul): Iron Eggs, duck head

Most exotic food eaten (Sophia):  yak yogurt, fish gut fried eggs, bitterballs in Belgium

Money spent on long distance calls: $4.90 CAD  (none of which was for calling home…)

Paul’s favourite moments:
– Milford Sound (New Zealand, November 2013)
– Catching his first shimp @ shrimp fishing (Taiwan, December 2013)
– Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China

Sophia’s TOP 10 moments:
– Accidentally tramping over a farmer’s farm thinking it was a hiking trail (New Zealand, November 2013)
– Night diving @ Great Barrier Reef (November, 2013)
– Seeing Christmas lights around Hong Kong (December, 2013)
– Biking to and around Angkor Wat Archaeological Park (Siam Reap, February 2014)
– Reaching the top of Kala Pathaar @ Everest Base Camp (March, 2014)
– Spotting lions on game drives in South Africa (May, 2014)
– Paragliding over Oludeniz, Turkey (July, 2014)
– Meeting David Curtis Mutter on our Royal Caribbean Cruise (September, 2014)
– Seeing Machu Picchu after the clouds/fogged finally cleared (October, 2014)
– Seeing to Moais on Easter Island (December, 2014)


As of January 06, 2015

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  1. Tony says:

    Only 4 countries visited with 15 flights! That’s a lot of internal flights (-:

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