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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust

Hello, and welcome to our travel blog!

We are Paul & Sophia from Vancouver, Canada.   We’re not famous world travellers or bloggers or Youtube celebrities but rather everyday citizens who work normal 8:00am – 5:00pm office jobs, watch a lot of Netflix and who for ~30 years never even dared to dream of embarking on any trip longer than where our annual 3 week vacation would take us.   We have always enjoyed travelling and exploring new places and we’ve always thought travelling the world would be an exciting adventure.  Over the years we’ve met and heard of people who have gone on their RTW trips but we have always lacked the guts and motivation to do the same.

But it is so funny where life takes you!   

A big turning point in our lives happened in February 2012.    This was the year we met our friends Tony & Iris during a trip to Thailand.   We bonded during an overnight tour to the Similan Islands and chatting the night away about their RTW travel experience, the backpacking lifestyle and the risks they took.   Paul and I didn’t know it then but that random dinner conversation with strangers would eventually form strong friendships and change our lives.

Paul caught the travel bug first.   I still remember that afternoon in March 2012 when Paul brought up the idea of us quitting our jobs to travel.    I remember returning to the office and telling my colleague how crazy I thought my boyfriend was for even suggesting something so unrealistic.  I can’t pinpoint why, but over the next several weeks and months I found myself googling phrases such as “how to overcome fear” and “should I quit my job”.      Looking back, it seemed my heart already knew the answer and I was looking for something to either justify this desire or something to talk me out of it.   Eventually, I came across a network of RTW travel blogs such as The Art of Non-Conformity and BootsnAll that really inspired me to challenge my comfort zone.

Fast forward to June 2012 and this blog was born.  I was started this as a ‘why not’ project.  Back then we haven’t yet made any real commitment to the RTW trip but I thought it would be a fun side project to document the decision making and fact-finding process.  Also in case we do decided to go for sure, we’d have a head start with the blog.  Next thing we know, the more research we do, the more emotionally invested in the trip we get and we found ourselves with a October 2013 departure date.

December 20th, 2017 Update –

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of us returning home from our RTW trip.  The many blogs and discussions in the travel community gave us tremendous encouragement and inspiration to take this leap of faith and we hope that by sharing our stories and experience, we can contribute back and inspire others.    The 14 month RTW is well behind us and though we are back to working our corporate jobs, got married and have a mortgage now,  the travel itch never goes away.   I will update every now and then with stories from some of our recent travel adventures.   For more regular updates, feel free to follow me on Instagram @2cdntravelbugs for travel photos from the past 5 years!

We most definitely have caught the travel bug and we hope that so will you.


Sophia and Paul


Countries we have visited (as of December 2017)

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  1. MaitoMike says:

    Greetings, fellow Vancouver travel bloggers!

    Happy New Year! I have personally nominated your site for an award (see link below). Thank you for being such an inspiration to myself and other bloggers. I love your site, the creativity, and above all, the content. Keep up the great work! I look forward to what mischief you two travel bugs have for this 2015 year.


    Best regards,

    Michael @ The Chronicles of Wanderlust.

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